Top Five Strategies To Attract More Traffic To Your Site...

and that source of traffic falls apart.Therefore, you need multiple methods of generating traffic. So what are the top fivemethods of traffic generation?


  1. The first way of generating traffic is article marketing.What do you mean by article marketing? Article marketing means, writing articles andsubmitting them to article directories, with links to your website. Article marketing seems tobe the trend of the hour for traffic generation since it has been proven as one of the wisestmethods that can generate traffic and most importantly with little or no financial expense.
  2. Blogs are the second way of earning traffic, the main advantage of this is, you caninteract with people on an individual basis, and blogs have been proven more emotionallyappealing to the reader than any other method for traffic generation. RSS feeds have takenblogs to another dimension by delivering information to readers with the latest updates.
  3. Forums are the third way of attracting traffic, because, it helps to build trust with othermembers and allows you to build traffic to your site. If you really want to generate constanttraffic to your site, you would do well to join forums and learn how to submit posts there.
    What is more
    , it would teach you about a number of new and different things and wouldmake you aware of fresh thoughts and ideas.
  4. Search engine optimization is the fourth method of traffic generation. What is searchengine optimization? Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your ownwebpage in such a way that the search engines recognize your webpage for your givenkeywords.
  5. The last but not least way of generating traffic is using videos. Make short andinstructional videos and submit them to video sites like Youtube, Yahoo, and Google etc.Don't forget to add your links in the videos.